NIP Procedure

The NIP Procedure™ (Non-Invasive, or No Incision Pain Procedure) offers many advantages over traditionally prescribed pain medications for relieving post-operative, or long term chronic and acute pain. While medications are effective, they have brain-altering effects, which require modification of daily routines. Additionally, there are often uncomfortable, possibly, life-threatening side effects that need to be considered.

The NIPP™ device was formed from a combination of ancient Eastern medicine along with today’s newest ground breaking technologies. This amazing medical breakthrough provides a non-drug treatment of acute and chronic pain with no side effects! Furthermore, the NIPP™ device increases circulation and oxygenation of the blood about 50-60% through vasodilation.

The NIPP™ device is placed behind the ear of the patient, and very subtle pulses are transmitted through 3 tiny stimulating needles the corresponding nerve points on the ear. With the help of the NIPP™ device, the patients have reported receiving continuous relief of pain symptoms for 4-5 days. Thanks to its tiny size, and weight of only 7 grams, the device does not limit the activity of the patient, and allows easy portability and mobility. Patients remain independent throughout the entire therapy and are able to continue with their individual everyday life. Sports and other leisure activities can be pursued after doctor consultation.

Benefits & Advantages

The benefits of the NIPP™ device and its advantages in comparison to every other pain treatment method are:

  • Percutaneously placed on an outpatient basis with little or no complication
  • Non-drug treatment for pain with little or no side-effects
  • Suitable for all ages and almost all physical conditions
  • Pain reliever that doesn’t affect liver
  • Self contained, miniaturized, battery-powered, providing continuous stimulation
  • Consistent electrical current, via standardized microchip control
  • Small, light and comfortable enough to wear behind the ear for 4 days
  • Mobile, allowing patients to continue with most activity without restriction
  • Light weight (7g), allowing a patient to enjoy normal daily activities

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